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Bok Choy & Tofu Bowl

My first real kitchen cooking obsession has to be Bok Choy - and I think more specifically, Bok Choy served with Tofu. In a bowl, because I’m classy!

My entire cooking purpose is to make healthy dishes that are easy and relatively quick to execute. I’m still learning, but this dish I’ve already made a number of times over the past few weeks - it’s quickly become a favourite, to the point where even hubby is now a tofu fan - I’m very excited about that! You guys, I went from making him chicken jerky (read more about it in Donsie’s Kitchen Post if you haven't done so yet) to impressing with Tofu, which is quite a feat, if I do say so myself.

Ok, so here we go!


-Use Extra Firm Tofu

-Take out of packaging and dry the tofu on paper towels - I like to put a cast iron pan on top to really get as much water out as possible (I knew that heavy cast iron would come in handy for a secondary job!)

-Cut tofu into cubes, then toss them in a mixing bowl with a touch of oil, some seasoning pepper and any other spices you want (sometimes I add some garlic powder when I’m feeling extra fancy)

-Coat a frying pan with olive oil spray

-Place tofu in the pan and cook on medium to high heat

-Add some soy sauce so that it coats your tofu (usually just a few minutes)

Once the soy sauce has evaporated, put in pan and throw it in the oven at 375 for about 20 minutes. I like to give it a flip about half way through.

Garlic Bok Choy

-Light olive oil (I just use a tiny bit)

-2 garlic cloves that I shred in my cute little garlic chopper

-Garlic powder, salt and seasoning pepper, to taste (I like mine very peppery and heavy on the garlic)

-Soy sauce, to taste

Heat oil in skillet or wok on medium. I chop the Bok Choy into halves or quarters, depending on how big they are so that they cook down quicker. Then add garlic, salt, pepper and garlic powder to the Bok Choy and cover to let it steam. Uncover and toss a few times and once it's tender at the core, you're ready to rock!

Follow me @aldonabcreative and let me know what you think of this Bok Choy & Tofu bowl!

xo AldonaB, coming to you from Donsie's Kitchen!

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