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Breakfast for the Win

I already mentioned in a previous post that I'm one of those people that needs to eat as soon as I get up - and I'm not kidding! You basically don't want to know me before my first coffee and breakfast.

This might sound boring, but I stick to pretty much a couple of breakfast options that I rotate as necessary - I find it so much easier to eat healthy and clean when it becomes a habit of making the same thing, especially when you're first waking up.

I've also already shared that I've been on Bright Line Eating for the past three years - read that post HERE - which is a lifestyle that works really well for me.


When I first tried Shredded Wheat I couldn't quite imaging me ever actually liking it, but now it's my first choice for breakfast.

I do 1 oz of Shredded Wheat, with 6 oz of fruit - my go to is banana and berries - topped with Almond milk (6 oz). My other two oz of protein goes into my coffee.


I love greek yogurt and it's so delicious with fresh berries and a banana. Same measurements as above.

What's your go-to breakfast?

xo AldonaB

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