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Canadian Tuxedo

I absolutely adore denim and wearing all denim pieces together, as I have done here. I think one of the key ingredients to the Canadian Tuxedo is playing around with various washes, textures and interesting details, such as the cool chain clip at the collar of this jacket (which came with the piece and the main reason I purchased it).

I always talk about accessories being the key to changing up your look and vibe, and this is a prime example of that. I love taking things like a pearl necklace - known for being classy and preppy - and really changing the feel of the accessory and the entire look. Even more interesting is wearing a piece of jewelry in a new and different way, as I've done here by taking two long pearl necklaces and wearing them across the body, criss crossed in the middle.

Scarves are great to play around with and they are so versatile. I show it off in two different ways here - first tied to the jeans belt loop, and later attached to the denim clutch. I would also take this scarf and wear it as a headband for just one alternate option - they are seriously endless! I also really enjoy taking silk and lighter fabricated scarves that are more spring and summer and add them to my winter wardrobe to lighten things up and create some interest within an ensemble. It's a great way to add colour and pattern, especially if you'd rather not do that within the main pieces of your outfit.

I received a message on Instagram from someone regarding these jeans - my advice, especially when short - is to wear a higher shoe when you do something at this length and width. Adding a pointed toe also helps elongate the body, as it brings your eye down, and adding a cropped jacket also brings attention to your waist, also helping with the balance of pants such as these jeans. In addition, opting for a higher rise will also have that affect.

The best part about this outfit, at least for me, is that I can easily throw on a winter coat over top and wear it now (maybe not today as it's -30 and I'm actually not even going to attempt my daily walk in the neighbourhood) but is also a great option for any other season. You can easily swap out the shoes for something more summery and swap the dark tank top for something more colourful.

xo AldonaB

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