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Closet Refresh Step Five: Get Inspired & Create Fun Outfits

Ok, you didn’t do all of that work for nothing - now it’s time to have some fun, let your imagination fly and get creative in the best way - by showcasing who you are through your personal style!!! Are you ready ladies???

A lot of the time this can be done with just all the things you already own, but if you did end up picking up a few things in Step 4, I know you are more than ready to create some fun outfits.

A closet refresh doesn’t have to mean you need to shop at all or spend all the money (as I reminded you in my last post). It can just be a nice purge and organization exercise so that you know what you actually own and wear some cute stuff that might be hanging at the back of the closet that you forgot you had. Or to finally wear the things outside that haven’t seen the light of day for months since it’s been freezing and we’ve been at home in our sweat suits.

I also find that we all tend to fall into the same trap - when you purchase an outfit you end up wearing it the same way each time. So this is a good time to stretch yourself a bit. Take those pants and don’t wear the same top as you did last time - what else in your closet might look good with these? Play around, try things on.

I find that scrolling through Pinterest is always fun and inspiring for me, especially if you’re feeling blah and uninspired (you know, again the sweats). I sometimes struggle with going from layers of Fall/Winter goodies to just wearing more simple and breathable outfits in the summer, so I encourage you to try some fun lightweight layering for the spring/summer season. I do this the most with scarves, which I can do a separate post about as well because now that I think about it, perhaps we all need some scarf inspiration? I also love wearing vests and lightweight toppers as layering pieces, especially here in Calgary.

So my challenge to you is this - wear things differently than the last time you wore it - pair those wide leg pants with a different top. Try some summer layering. Add a t-shirt under the tank dress. And of course, I'd love to hear from you and see some of your cool seasonal looks.

xo AldonaB

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