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Closet Refresh Step Four: Ready, Set, Shop!

This is where a new season really gets exciting! Now that you’ve figured out what fits, what you already own and donated/consigned some pieces, it’s time to add some newness to your wardrobe.

Shopping and adding cool items to get you excited for the season doesn’t mean you have to buy all the things and spend a lot of money. A great way to refresh your wardrobe and add some excitement to your closet is by adding some fun accessories. I also love to infuse some new pops of colour and pattern to make things exciting - why not an oversized hot pink blazer? Exactly!

Because spring and summer is so short lived in these parts, I don’t usually add too much - I would much prefer to spend my clothing budget in the fall, but you do you. Because we did such a great job in step two and three, you already know what you have and what some of the gaps might be - so stake careful stock and decide what you’ll benefit the most from.

As I spoke about in Step Three, shopping consignment is such a great option - and pssssstttt - there's still time for you to enter our Danielle's Consignment giveaway HERE.

Of course I’m a huge advocate for getting dressed each day and putting on something cute that you feel like a million bucks in, but I’m also realistic - the pandemic has most of us home, so get clothing that makes sense for your current lifestyle. For example, I’ve already purchased some cute, easy and comfortable spring dresses, lots of denim toppers because I love denim and can live in just that, and some adorable yet comfy wide leg trousers that I want to wear on my daily walks around my neighbourhood. I’ve also determined that more shorts are in order, so I’ve already picked up a pair, and will most likely add at least one more pair.

If you need help in this department (I know, we don’t all love to shop and even I have to be in just the right mood) get in touch. Since I’m doing my personal styling sessions virtually right now, I am also creating a personalized shopping list for my clients after our sessions - I break down all the pieces that I think you should add, with photos and shopping links all done for you!

Here are some spring/summer cuties you might want to start with! Check in with me on Instagram as I'll be sharing a few more ideas and cool things to add for Spring/Summer.

xo AldonaB

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