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Closet Refresh Step Two: Organize

Now that you’ve gone through and tired things on and figured out what no longer belongs in your closet, lovingly put back and organize the items you are keeping. This is a great time to put away those bulky winter items you know you won’t be needing for a few minutes (let’s face it, this is Calgary after all, so keep them close by. Also, you might want to keep some of your sweaters and light jackets handy as it does get chilly in the evenings, even in the height of summer).

A great way to organize is to buy uniform hangers - I personally prefer the thin velvet ones as they keep your clothing from falling off and they help fit everything into your closet nicely. Everything will look tidy and streamlined and sleek! I would also recommend in investing in some clear storage bins and baskets, and for anything that isn’t right at eye level, you can mark and label accordingly.

Provide a Home for Everything. If you have things all over the place, how are you ever going to find it and wear it on a consistent basis? I find this especially helpful for things like accessories and bags, but having categories for all things will be really helpful - need a blazer? You go to where the blazers live. Ahhhhh.

I personally have a secondary closet for specific items, such as outerwear. It keeps things together and organized and much easier to manage. But I’m also still just working on this too - when it’s your closet it always feels a bit more daunting, doesn’t it?

You might also want to consider organizing your clothes by colour, especially if you’re a visual person. It does make getting dressed a bit easier, especially if you find that your mornings are less than calm and you need to hustle - that being said, when I do have extra busy days ahead, I like to pre-plan my outfits so that I’m not trying to figure out what to wear while in a mad dash to get out the door.

As for drawers, I love using dividers to keep things organized, especially for undergarments, accessories and beauty items (oooh, perhaps a separate beauty organization post is in order?)

What I love about the organization process as well is that this is your second round of reminding yourself what you are choosing to keep, which will nicely get you ready for the steps ahead as we move through your closet refresh.

See you soon fashion lovers! (Step Three includes a super fun giveaway, so I really hope you come back to check that out!)

xo AldonaB

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