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Denim Shirt

I love denim - like a lot!!!! And it wasn't until recently that I realized that I have a lot of denim jackets, but didn't have a denim shirt in sight! I needed to resolve that asap. What's great about a button up denim shirt is that anyone can wear it - depending on your body shape, you can play around with it and try it in various ways - belt it, tuck it in, wear it oversized, layer it in fun and interesting ways, wear it open with something cute underneath - seriously, I feel like the options are endless.

Here are just a couple of ways I've worn the shirt thus far - which look do you prefer?


For the first look, I wanted to keep it simple and opted for leather leggings with the oversized denim shirt. This outfit was super cute and very comfortable, and I loved layering it with one of my favourite wool jackets, naturally adorned with some bling on the lapel. Because the base outfit is pretty basic and simple, I opted for fun booties and a layered gold necklace to be the accent pieces.


The best part about denim, in my opinion, is its versatility, so I wanted to create a totally different vibe from the above look. This time I went with a fun patterned pleated skirt, gold booties and to create some shape and to define my wait a little bit, I layered it with a knit cropped vest. I left the same necklace and earrings on, but added a denim clutch and bold lipstick to add that perfect spring/summer touch.

I feel like this denim shirt will be making a lot of appearances this season, so I hope you're ready for it! Even this shirt aside, I feel like this is going to be a very denim heavy spring/summer for me - shorts, vests and the many many jackets that I already own (and will probably continue to add to my collection).

If you haven't seen it yet, I've re-vamped my styling page and my styling services - I'm currently booking virtual styling sessions (and some in-person, depending on details), so make sure you check it out and get in touch. This is the perfect time to start figuring out your Spring/Summer wardrobe!

xo AldonaB

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