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Donsie's Kitchen

In the 40 years that I’ve been living on this earth, my calling has not been in the kitchen. And I mean it. I’ve made a few things throughout my life, but it was not revolutionary. These previous attempts were fruit less (pun intended) - I wasn’t excited about them, and I was ready to bail out of the kitchen at my first opportunity.

When I moved out of the family home, I was single and living alone or with roommates, and would opt for simple meals. Like salads. Or canned soup. Or I’d go out to eat.

My first big cook of any importance was seven years ago when I decided to cook for my now husband, Asa - let’s just say, I’m even more grateful that he married me after having to live through that meal. Chicken jerky anyone? haha.

So it came as a huge surprise a few weeks ago when I suddenly felt drawn to the kitchen.What’s to blame for this sudden shift? Probably because this past summer Asa and I decided to purchase our first home and I instantly fell in love with our kitchen. It’s bright, vibrant and a space I want to hang out in.

Donsie's Kitchen

I think the second aspect of this new calling has come from being at home for many months due to covid. It’s given me an opportunity to slow down even more so than ever before *(I’m sure you can relate) and a need for a new hobby emerged. And then it came to me - start cooking!

So - to be honest, I don’t know much. Asa has shown me a few things, I’ve started watching videos online and the rest, I just hope falls into place.

Because my new kitchen is my primary inspiration, I wanted to start by sharing the space with you. I especially love the white subway tile and how much gorgeous natural light we get in here all day long - the day I took these photos was overcast, so just imagine the beauty it is when there’s sunshine streaming through the windows!

Donsie's Kitchen
Donsie’s Place - I love coffee, tea and bubbly water, so below is our little drinks area.

I hope you’ll join me on Instagram if you’re not following me yet, because I’ll be sharing a lot on my stories as I move through my cooking adventure. @aldonabcreative

My health and food journey has also been a long and complicated one - I'll share more about that later - which is why I felt compelled to start this new adventure now and I've been on a program called Bright Line Eating for the past three years. This means that my cooking is also extra healthy, with some restrictions that some might argue would make things more challenging (no flour, sugar, or too much fat) and I don't eat red meat, so there's that. I will also share more about the BLE lifestyle and how it's changed my life in an upcoming post.

Donsie's Kitchen Quick Round, just to get to know me a little bit better...

-Coffee is one of my favourite things

-I used to work for Starbucks back in the day (for like 7 years, so no wonder I love coffee so much!)

-Honey Crisp Apples are the shit and I have at least one every day

-We order produce from local gem, Chongos Market in Calgary, every week for curb-side pickup and I plan my meals on Fridays for the following week

-Bok Choy is my new favourite thing and now all I want is to get a Wok (let me know if you have any recommendations - we have an induction stove top and oven). I will also share my tofu and Bok Choy bowl recipe soon

-I eat as soon as I get up in the morning (you don't want to know me otherwise)

Oh yes, before I go - I should probably fill you in on the Donsie part. Over the past few years a lot of my close friends started calling me Dones or Donsie. I’m super lucky to have an awesome group of kids who now call me Auntie Dones (Swoon, it’s my favourite!). My hubby and I call my coffee station Donsie’s Place, and thus, Donsie’s Kitchen was born.

Xo AldonaB from Donsie’s Kitchen!

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