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Dressing Confidently

You know when you put on an outfit and you just feel like a badass? You feel confident and you want to take on the world? Well, this happens to be one of those outfits, and my goal in life is to make all of our outfits just that.

I think one of the key elements to this is choosing things that speak to your personal style and mood - not everyone will opt for a wide brimmed flat top hat, but I'll just continue doing me.

Comfort is definitely another huge element. When you're wearing something fussy and not comfortable, that's where all of your energy will go, instead of focusing on the confident and bad ass woman you are. You should be wearing outfits that amp you up and let you concentrate on showing up as the amazing human you are, not over the fact that your pants are too tight or something isn't sitting correctly on your body.

Another element that always amps up my confidence is picking accessories and shoes that bring me joy. Accessories are such a great way of amping up your look and really creating a specific vibe.

I've been sharing some tips lately of how to update your closet for the season - I think it' such a worthwhile effort, especially the first step, which is deciding what fits and what needs to go away. This is the best way to start infusing your closet with items that look and feel good, that you can't wait to wear and re-imagine for each new season.

The next tip, and a fun giveaway, are up tomorrow so make sure you check it out. And of course, make sure you're following along on Instagram, as I share extra goodies on my stories and reels. @aldonabcreative

xo AldonaB

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