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Fall Hair Update - Lighter, Brighter and Much Shorter!

Can we talk about how obsessed I am with my new hair???

As you might already know if you've read any of my previous hair and beauty posts, one of my favourite things is when I get to have a hair visit with my amazing stylist, @jennykaydoes hair, at RedBloom salon. My first visit back to RedBloom since the pandemic hit was back in June when I did a short and sweet express service to get my regrowth done - and as you can see by my before pictures, the greys are a whole thing now! It actually didn't realize until recently just how grey I actually am - but I guess at 40, that's to be expected.

After many months of thinking about cutting my locks, I waited for it to get super long (mid-back) as a little experiment to see how long I'd be able to get it before I couldn't take it anymore. And the time was now!


Alongside the grey regrowth, I decided that it was also time to start lightening a bit and adding some warmth back into it - I basically do things the opposite of what most do, going lighter and shorter for winter and not summer. I just go with the flow of how I'm feeling, and this is where I have landed.

Before I continue with the AFTER, I want to quickly chat about the in-salon experience. I'm so blow away by RedBloom and their staff in keeping things super safe and making their guests feel really comforable while at the salon. Amazing job and thank you!


I believe that energy stays within our locks, and I love releasing it - the second the haircut portion of the appointement started, I felt lighter and happier. The shedding of the old. The shedding of the unecessary.

I also love that we were able to start lighening my base colour by adding some highlights and mixing in a lovely copper colour, which I will keep up at home with the EVO Colour Boosting Treatment. I've used this product many times before when I was sporting the bright red fringe, and I'm excited to try it out in the Cooper tone this time.


I'm super thrilled to be testing out a few more products this time as well - I actually tested the Aveda Sap Moss Shampoo and Conditioner when it first launched and loved it, so I had to bring it back into my product rotation. What I love most about it is that it's moisturizing without being too heavy on the hair, making it perfect for this shorter do.

A bit more info on the Sap Moss Products:

Silicone-free shampoo formulated with a blend of Iceland moss and larch tree sap extract hydrates hair without weighing it down. Gently cleanses without stripping and infuses hair with weightless hydration while helping tame frizz, leaving hair feeling perfectly quenched and manageable.

The conditioner instantly detangles and infuses hair with weightless hydration while helping tame frizz, leaving hair feeling perfectly quenched and manageable.

Of course because of my grey regrowth and less frequent visits to RedBloom due to our current circumstances, I've been using a few different root touch up products in recent months. I'm usually more drawn to the sprays, but I find that I get them all over my bathroom and don't love that at all, so I'm thrilled to try this COLOR WOW Root Cover Up. Color WOW Root Cover is a fast, easy, precise mineral powder that adheres to hair instantly. Formulated with a variety of pigments plus reflective particles, it blends seamlessly and looks naturally dimensional. It also functions as a "perfecting powder" to create the look of thicker hair by filling in gaps or covering sparse spots.

Also, so much easier, without the mess!


  • Apply to dry hair. Load up the small end of the brush with powder, use your free hand to pull hair flat against your head, and press brush down firmly into roots, starting from scalp and working out

  • To extend highlights, use the side edge of small brush. Lightly dust off any excess powder with wide end of brush

  • To fill in, use the large end of the brush and a sweeping technique to cover larger areas

As always, a huge thanks to @redbloomsalon and my beautiful stylist for all this hair love!!!

Until next time, xo Aldona

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