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I'm not one to wait for special occasions or a specific time of year to rock out certain outfits - and this definitely goes for fringe, which I wear rear round - I don't need a festival or the Stampede to encourage me to bring it!

What I love most about this black fringe jacket from Zara is that I'll be able to wear it year round, as there's much opportunity for layering and wearing this piece in a variety of versatile ways. I love how soft and plush it is.

Over the past year or so, I've really gotten into cross body bags and belt bags - going hands free has never felt so good! And I'm super excited to add this incredible Italian leather holster bag by talented designer Lauren Bagliore into my wardrobe. This is definitely one of those pieces that I will charish for many years to come, and wear it to all the things - I'm especially excited to take this beauty on some of my upcoming travels!

I was first introduced to Lauren and her designs many years ago, and I was so impressed with her work, that I wrote about her and her brand in an Avenue Magazine feature - and since I've dreamed of adding some of her stunning pieces to my wardrobe. I love how she blends her Italian roots with her two homes - she's NYC and Calgary based, with a concept store in Inglewood - which shows throughout her work.

If you're new to her, make sure you check out her unique and edgy luxury collections here -

Can you tell I feel like such a badass? That's probably my favourite part of fashion and personal style - how the clothes you choose not only showcase your mood, but can really change and enhance your mood!

What are some of your favourite designers - local or otherwise?!? What piece of clothing or accessory brings out something special in you, or makes you feel the most confident?

xo Aldona

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