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My Morning Practice

I first shared about my morning practice and how important it is on Style Squared about a year ago when the pandemic first hit and we were in our first lockdown. That was the perfect time to share about what I do to keep myself grounded and calm - and I think this is a great time to re-visit this - I hope you find this helpful!

My morning practice is a non-negotiable daily habit that I can’t live without, and this practice is the foundation for my current mental health and ensuring that I stay as grounded and positive as possible, no matter what is happening around me - this practice has been instrumental over this past year and it includes meditation, a gratitude practice, journal writing, reading inspiring and spiritual books, tarot cards and reciting mantras that remind me that I’m strong and resilient.


I always start my day by eating and having a delicious cup of coffee - I don't do well unless I've eaten first, so this is the best way to set myself up for success and the first step in my morning practice.


The Calm App is my favourite! I love their daily Calm Meditations, as well as those specific to things like Stress, Anxiety, and of course, the Sleep Stories. I often listened to the Sleep stories while travelling, as it actually did put me to sleep when on a plane.


Focusing on Gratitude will completely change your mindset - this is one of the simplest yet most powerful practices you can implement on the daily!

I love the GRATITUDE A Day and Night Reflection Journal that I use both in the morning and then in the evening as well. My daily gratitude practice began with journal writing in the mornings, but I actually love the evening reflection so much and it's been an instrumental addition to my practice - it gives me the chance to slow down and really reflect on my day and how I was feeling throughout. So take stock and check out this great journal (or just document your gratitude and reflection in a plain notebook).


The Happiness Book and anything that is positive and inspiring!I also love to take an afternoon coffee break and take some time to read a novel, even if just for a few minutes. In the summer I love to sit outside and enjoy some nice weather while I'm at it.

A Few Book Recommendations

-Louise L. Hay - You Can Heal Your Life

-Nancy Levin - Worthy

-Daring Greatly - Brene Brown

-Can't wait to receive and read Terri Cole's new book, coming out tomorrow!

I have so many more, please message me for more recommendations!


There's something so calming about sitting down and pulling tarot cards - check out Collette Baron Reid and The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell!


I especially love Louise L. Hay and a few other spiritual teachers and have a few mantras that I repeat each day to keep me motivated, positive and strong in all aspects of life. Some I just find online randomly and add to the list.

A few of my favourites:

-I start my day with positive thoughts and energy

-I take action with faith and clarity

-I am healthy, well and vibrant

-I trust the process of life to bring me my highest good

-I listen with love to my body’s messages

-The answers within me come to my awareness with ease


Whether it's a short walk in my neighbourhood, a yoga class or something more intense, moving your body on the daily is so important! I love Yoga with Adriene - she has some great videos online you can choose from, or just popping my headphones in and getting outside. There's something so magical about getting fresh air and sunshine, even when it's cold outside. And of course, bike rides once the weather gets nice is a must for me as well.

I also want to add that not interacting with my phone right away (checking emails, social media) has been a great practice and one of the best habits, as it allows you to ease into your day, vs. being on high alert the second you get up.


I have a diffuser on overnight, which I choose calming oil blends for, and I start my day with filling my diffusers in the kitchen and office with energy uplifting oils, such as peppermint and citrus blends. Essential oils have so many benefits and I love to use them for various ailments and needs - I love lavender, eucalyptus, and other incredible blends from Young Living.

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.”

What do you do to start your day on a positive and inspiring note?

xo AldonaB

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