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My Office Space

I shared a little bit about my office space a few weeks back on Instagram stories, but in case you missed it or were curious to hear more about the process, you're in luck!

My goal with this office space was to create something that was bold, colourful and fun, with the hopes that it would inspire me and my work - and I think I was able to accomplish just that! I honestly love being in this space and feel a great sense of calm and inspiration when I'm in here - so much so, that I even spend some evenings in here and plan to get a comfy chair to create a little reading nook as well.

My hubby and I started working on this space back in August when we first moved into our house. We wanted to take the opportunity of an empty space before I got furniture - little did we know everything would be delayed by many weeks and it would take forever and a day to actually get this space completed - to get an accent wall painted and ready to go.

After we taped the baseboards and surrounding areas off, we did a couple of coats before we let it dry, and finished it off by adding more layers to ensure the colour was even.

The wall photographs blue, but in real life, it's actually a beautiful teal shade. My amazing hubby did the stencils for me and used a gold spray paint for the feathers. I absolutely adore the combination and how it turned out - so much so, I basically take all of my #OOTD photos in front of this wall.

Asa and I working hard (Ok, Asa working hard!)

The first painting my husband Asa painted and gave me. I cried - I absolutely love it!!!

Ahead of our move and in the first few weeks of being in our new home, I spent a lot of time online looking at furniture and ordering various pieces, including an entire new living room. I fell in love with a desk that was out of stock in the store and the date kept getting pushed back. I finally ordered a different desk, and the same thing happened with that one. When they called me on the day it was due back in store to say it would be at least 4 to 8 more weeks, I decided to call the whole thing off and purchased a simple white writing desk instead (thank you Staples!)

I knew I wanted a cute cozy chair that would be comfortable but also fashionable, so I chose this teal velvet swivel chair with gold accents from Wayfair - actually, this was the first piece of furniture that arrived for my office and it was lonely for many weeks as I waited for everything else to come together.

Naturally, I also had to go with a fluffy rug to bring it all together - I got this beaut at Simons, one of my favourite stores, which is also where I got my curtains and a few other accessories scattered throughout the space.

The addition of another bold accent colour was a must for this space and I knew Yellow would be the one - I'm a huge fan of utilizing colour to boost my mood, and the teal and yellow combination is giving me all the good vibes, especially during the winter months.

I still have some art I want to put up and finish off my book shelves (and of course, my comfy chair that I'm still trying to decide on), but I'll make sure to share that in future. For now I'm excited to have a separate place to work, as I think working from home can be tough and having a specific and defined area definitely helps with productivity and being able to relax in the evenings in the rest of your home.

Huge thanks to my husband for rocking out the accent wall of my dreams, and for being so handy around the house in general - I'm one lucky gal, and not just in the home repair/heavy lifting aspect.

Before I go, I also have to say that the amazing sunshine that beams through my windows in this space gives me life!

xo AldonaB

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