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Shirt Dresses

There's something so great about a shirt dress - easy, classic, versatile, and there are so many amazing options to choose from.

I love that with most options you can wear them loose and casual, or add a fun belt to really amp it up, as I've done here. This dress came with its own fabric belt, which I've decided to keep, but layered it with the chunky green belt to add some colour and interest.

For me summer is all about yellow - I love it so much and add it to my outfits as much as possible, and here it really pops with the bright orange lip. It instantly brightens up the navy of the dress and brings this look into high summer.

The best part - this shirt dress will be splendid year round and I can't wait to put together a Fall look with this piece - I'm already percolating with many layering ideas!

What are your thoughts on shirt dresses? Is it just me who loves them so?

xo AldonaB

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