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Spring Outfit Inspiration

I'm very much a Fall season person - I love layering, boots, cool hats and all things F/W, so sometimes I find the warmer months a bit trickier for fashion (but that only pertains to myself personally, I love to do this for my clients - what gives?). Because last summer was so busy for hubby and I searching for our home and then moving, it feels like it's been a hot minute since I've done a real spring/summer wardrobe update.

Considering the times we are living in, I decided to add some simple basic items from Zara, including a new pair of white sneakers that I expect to live in all summer. Since I plan to spend a lot of time in my yard and going for walks around my neighbourhood, these are just perfect, as are the t-shirts that I ordered.

I also decided to finally go through my closet and start organizing it for the season - I've started putting away my heavy winter coats and will be organizing my shoes next. I also pulled out some fun pieces I already own, some of which I haven't even worn yet, such as these fun striped pants that I bought a couple of seasons ago and haven't even worn out of the house yet. Again, what gives?

Let me know if you'd like to see some behind-the-scenes of the closet organization efforts in time for Spring/Summer.

As someone who is a true lover of all things denim, I of course already own a lot of denim toppers, including jackets and a few too many vests to count. This cool ripped and detailed vest I purchased at Danielles' Consignment, and can't wait to wear it all summer long. I especially love wearing a lace bralette or crop top under a denim shirt or vest. It's easy, breezy and a little sexy.

All The Colour and Print

I think the best part of Spring and Summer dressing is really going all out on colour and pattern, as I've done here. We are seeing a lot of muted and pastel colours for the season, but I personally can't help but be drawn to the bold colours instead. Of course red is my power colour, so I had to grab a cute cropped t-shirt for the season. A great way to dress down a skirt combo is with sneakers, as pictured here - and again, denim!

Aside from the bold colours, I'm also really obsessing about navy blue and the nautical vibe - it always screams summer to me and I'm here for it! These wide leg trousers are super light weight and so comfy, and I love that I can wear these casually with sneakers or sandals or dress them up with a heel or platform shoe. They are also super versatile in terms of styling, so again, I'll also be wearing these quite a bit this season - and I love that I can easily bring them into Fall with me as well.

Anyone else obsessed with stripes? Yeah, me too!

Since I started my spring update with some basics and simple T-shirts, I plan to add a few more pieces over the next few weeks, including some fun new accessories (because I always add fun accessories - it's the best way to refresh and make your wardrobe and outfits more exciting), a new summery blazer (I have a few I'm trying to decide over, so I might need some help here), and a couple of new dresses.

But before I do that, I also need to take stock of what I do already own that I'm excited to wear and what might need to be donated - a nice closet overhaul each season is a great practice to get into. If you need help with yours or coming up with some cute outfits for the seasons, make sure you get in touch and book a consultation!

xo AldonaB

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