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Summer Locks & Products for the Season

She is super blondie! I am thrilled at the evolution of my hair over the past few months - it was a conscious decision to move very slowly into a lighter look and I'm so impressed with the tone of my hair and how healthy and strong it's been through the process.

It was so wonderful to be back in @jennykaydoeshair's chair at RedBloom Salon in East Village again after this third lockdown, and I really hope this is it for us and that our small local businesses can continue providing their services without any further disruptions and closures. If you're not comfortable going to the salon quite yet, make sure you support by ordering some products - I've included a few of my favourites below, so keep reading.

But before we get into the products, here's a quick look at where my hair started before we started the blonde process and how far we've come - it's seriously perfect for summer and I'm beyond delighted.

My hair stylist can attest to this - I love having great hair, but I don't love any high maintenance anything, so I like to keep things very simple. I love experimenting with testing out different products, but there are a few that have become fan favourites of mine - this is seriously the longest I've ever used a shampoo and conditioner, as I'm still obsessed with it, and of course, I wanted to add something new to test out for the summer months and with my shorter cut.

Let's start with the newbies and work our way backwards.

EVO: shebang-a-bang

dry spray wax

About the product: A styling spray with an ultra-fine mist designed to create workable, pliable texture. It creates pliable texture with separation and movement and can be used on any hair type to style wet or dry hair. mist provides even distribution to easily build styles. How to use: shake well. spray on damp hair and blow dry. spray on dry hair for a textured finish.

Why I love it: Sometimes product just feels too heavy in my hair so the lightweight texture is what makes this dry spray wax perfect, even more so for the summer months!

EVO Haze

styling powder

About the product: A styling powder to add volume and texture with a matte finish. creates volume with touchable texture. pump provides even distribution for general or targeted application. How to use: Shake gently before use. apply to dry hair for texture. apply directly to roots for extra root lift. refill pack can be used as a shaker or with pump.

Why I love it: You give me hair volume, I love you forever. End of story.

AVEDA Sun Care Protective Hair Veil

A lightweight, water-resistant UV defense mist that forms an invisible screen to help protect hair from sun exposure to minimize damage and dryness. For all hair types.

Why I love it: This is the product I take with me on beach vacations and apply all summer long to keep my locks from drying out. So good!


I've been using the Aveda Botanical Repair line, and I have to say it's my favourite product line of theirs to date! I love everything about it, from how it smells, to how it leaves my hair conditioned and beautiful without weighing it down (a huge issue for me with a lot of shampoos and conditioners that are just too heavy/moisturizing).

On top of the shampoo and conditioner, the line also includes a strengthening leave-in treatment that I feel has been instrumental in how my hair looks and feels. Here is some more information about the product line and all the amazing benefits!

botanical repair™ strengthening shampoo

Luxuriously cleanses and helps strengthen and repair damaged hair with the power of plants* • Builds bonds to improve hair strength* • Gently removes excess sebum, product build-up and pollution, which can damage hair​ • For all hair types and textures • 94% naturally derived** • Safe for color treated and chemically processed hair

botanical repair™ strengthening conditioner

Conditions and instantly detangles to help prevent breakage; strengthens and repairs with the power of plants* • Builds bonds to improve hair strength* • Lightly conditions for everyday use without weighing hair down • Leaves hair soft, smooth​ and shiny • For all hair types and textures • 98% naturally derived** • Safe for color treated and chemically processed hair

botanical repair™ strengthening leave-in treatment

Leave-in treatment repairs, helps protect against damage while building bonds for stronger hair with the power of plants • Instantly repairs hair from inside out and builds bonds at the core for stronger hair​ • Protects against heat damage up to 450°, and hair from UV (drying effects of the sun) • Instantly detangles to prevent breakage • Instantly transforms hair leaving it visibly healthier, softer and shinier after just 1 use​ • Smooths and conditions leaving hair feeling soft and smooth with a luxurious slip​ • Reduces frizz and flyaways​ • For all hair types and textures • 99% naturally derived* • Safe for color treated and chemically processed hair

FREE FROM: Silicone Sulfated Cleansers Parabens Mineral Oil Synthetic Fragrances

Why I love it: As I mentioned above, this is the best shampoo and conditioner I've used to date and now I'm thinking, why mess with something so perfect? I'm going to continue using these gems for the foreseeable future.

Before I sign off, another huge thank you to RedBloom Salon and to my stylist @jennykaydoeshair for being so damn amazing!

xo AldonaB

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