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Versatile Pieces

Ok, you got me - I pretty much see everything as a versatile piece. I'm a firm believer in trying to make all of my outfits diverse and wear everything a bit differently than I did the last time I wore something. I love mixing things up and staying creative, no matter what - I feel like it keeps me creative in other ways too, beyond my personal style.

For example, since wearing this printed skirt as seen in these images, I've worn it paired with 70s inspired brown platform sandals and a denim jacket, with different accessories and an alternate bag. The vibe was definitely different, as was the third time I wore the skirt - this time paired with white slides, a white crop top and chunky wooden accessories - so cute!

No matter what I do, I always try to add fun accessories and belts to the mix. It's such a fun and easy way to update a look and change it completely - and the best way to update your closet for every season.

What I'm super excited about is the versatility of this holster bag from Lauren Bagliore, which I told you about in my last post - see it HERE! The black leather makes it one of those pieces that you can essentially wear with any outfit, and I'm having a great time experimenting with it. Make sure you tune into my Instagram, as I'll be posting more images throughout the summer and into Fall!!!

A pair of red booties is a must have for my closet, and in my opinion, any closet - your life is meant to be lived in all the style that you so desire for yourself!

What pieces from your closet do you wear the most and in the most diverse combinations? Is it a classic and neutral garment or something with a pop of colour or pattern, or both?

xo AldonaB

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