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Versatility - Funky Denim Edition

One of the things that I speak about the most is re-imagining your outfits and wardrobe. For most of us, you don't need more stuff - it's a matter of using your imagination and getting creative with how you put things together.

I feel like a lot of people fall into the trap of purchasing an outfit and then wearing it the exact same way the next time they wear it. So my challenge is, how about you switch it up? It's so much fun to play around with your closet, and even just changing and updating accessories can be a game changer.

Ok, but before we go any further, can we talk about this awesome black denim jacket? This is a piece that is super unique that I had the pleasure of finding in a Toronto second hand store. I saw it on a rack of denim jackets and I just ran for it!

What's great about denim, even when it's wildly adorned such as this piece, is that you can wear it year round. It's easy to layer with outerwear and it's the perfect jacket during spring and summer.

I loved pairing it with these faux fur leather joggers, my favourite leopard print booties and some fun necklaces that I wore across the body for something a little different.

This is how I've worn the jacket in the past, just to show you an example of how fun it is to diversify your pieces. This was a Spring/Summer outfit and the vibe is definitely a little bit different, which is exactly why I love fashion and personal style.

If you need any help with your closet or putting outfits together, make sure you get in touch and check out my fashion styling services - I do everything from personal shopping, closet overhauls and putting outfits together for various events - and most importantly, for the every day.

xo AldonaB

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