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Vintage Dress

I think this is especially important to note, even more so during a pandemic - you don't have to buy new clothing, or anything else, to look and feel cute. Girl, I bet you already have a closet full of cute stuff that you probably don't wear or wear the exact same way as last time - so my challenge to you all is, get inspired to try things differently so that it feels new again!

Even before the pandemic, one of my favourite things to do is shop consignment, vintage and second hand. I love being economical and environmentally friendly when I can - I donate clothing on a regular basis (this is very hard for me, as I tend to want to hoard my clothing, but something's got to give - and that's usually my closet that won't allow me to even sneak one more hanger on the rod).

Like this dress - I've had it for probably over ten years, and I still love it as much as when I bought it (second hand, don't remember where).

I think a trap a lot of us fall into is purchasing an outfit and wearing it out, and then wearing it again in the exact same way. I personally like to challenge myself to change things up and make them feel new and exciting each time that I wear something. Even choosing a different belt or accessories will nicely refresh an outfit.

Even something as simple as changing your lipstick colour will sometimes do the trick - your lipstick shade, like all colour choices, has the power to change your mood and enhance it. For example, anytime I wear a burgundy or dark lip shade, I always feel extra badass and my darker sultry vibes definitely shine through. And of course, a bold orange or red lip always makes me that much happier and I always feel like I can handle anything the day brings my way.

So get in that closet and get creative by re-imagining all the clothing and accessories you already own.

xo AldonaB

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