December 7, 2017

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REDBLOOM: New EVO obsession(s) & Winter Refresh!

February 6, 2018

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Street Style on Global TV

February 19, 2016

I’ve been photographing stylish people in Calgary for about 6 years. I started my work to showcase that our city is fashionable and that we have a lot of interesting and creative people here, beyond what the city is known for. 


I’ve shot for Swerve Magazine for 5 years, and for 2, and I'm now exclusively just shooting for Downtown Calgary on their blog, 


I try to find outfits and styles that are distinct and full of personality. I love when someone exudes confidence and is excited to showcase who they are through their personal style. It also excites me when someone is willing to take some risks, or really knows how to nicely execute a great ensemble. 


I was able to choose a few favourite looks and chat about them on Global Television - so check out the video and the featured images below! 


Hope to see you on the streets, stylish people! xo


LOOK ONE - Monika 


Monika has an incredible personal style. As a stylist herself, she’s always dressed to impress and has a look that really suits her and is beautifully put together. On this particular day, she wore a bright red hat that is a stand-out. Hats have really come back over the past couple of years, and they are an amazing style statement. You can go with something bright, as Monika demonstrates, or you can choose something more neutral and work your way up from there. Try a few on to see what shape suits you and you’re most comfortable with. 


What I love about this look is that she adds a lot of great neutrals to the punchy red hat and bold lipstick. That’s actually my favourite beauty trend of all time, the bold lipstick, which instantly makes you feel put together and glamourous. 


These booties are amazing - you can easily find a pair that is comfortable and that you can wear with a lot of different outfits. Once again, you can keep these neutral in tone and texture, or really go all out with multiple colours or fringe.  Monika adds texture with a super funky bucket bag, which I only wish lived in my closet too! 


LOOK 2 - Josh

I love to see people having a great time and showcasing that through their clothes, which is one of the many reasons that I chose to photograph Josh. He plays with patterns and colours, which is one of my favourite things, especially when it comes to menswear. Who said that menswear can’t be fun and exciting?


For either sex, the blazer is an amazing piece to own, wheather it’s fun and punchy, or more conservative. It’s a great way to instantly pull your look together and it’s one of my favourite toppers.


Josh really goes for it with the bear pattered shit, and he did tell me that there’s more where that came from and he owns a few pieces like this, which I was very happy to hear. When doing a variety of patterns and colours, do add some neutrals to break everything up and create balance. Josh does this by keeping his pants dark and a solid colour. 


LOOK 3 - Louanna


What’s great about Calgary is that the weather changes so quickly that one week you’ll see people bundled up in winter coats, and the next they’ll be wearing a look that is more expected in warmer months - case in point, Louanna and her shorts ensemble that I photographed in the month of December! 


Louanna’s look is edgy and has a vintage vibe, which I love. Her long hair really works to give her more of that 70s vibe as well, and of course the suede shorts. 


The wide belt looks amazing and gives great definition. One of my favourite and most used sayings when I’m styling or getting dressed myself is “I’m just going to belt it” - it’s the best way to create shape and show off your curves! 


She adds a lot of great and subtle detail with her accessories - funky rings, a long necklace and ankle booties. Once again, we see the bold lipstick at play here, which looks amazing and completes her look. 


LOOK 4 - Charly


Charly seriously understands and rocks out layering and does proportion extremely well. When you’re wearing something heavy/bulky or oversized on top, it’s best to keep your bottoms fitted, as demonstrated here. 


I love the skinny pants in the dark olive colour, which also have a been of a sheen to them. Great for dressing up or down. 


The cape jacket is amazing, as you can wear something like this on warmer winter days by layering as Charly does, and also having it handy for spring and fall. The black and white is fun but also very versatile. Charly’s personal style is chic and she also carries it through to her fashionable and trendy lob hair cut, and a beautiful dark plum lipstick.