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We have been offering and teaching private communications workshops for a couple of years now, as well as some public workshops online, and we would love to hear from you if you'd like to chat about putting together something special for your organization or team. Our workshops include Public Relations, Social Media, and Branding. Stay tuned as we plan to have more workshops in the future, and otherwise, we can't wait to hear from you! AldonaB 


Aldona B. Creative’s social media and branding workshops helped me choose the right actions to move my business forward and clarify my message. Aldona speaks from the heart and with authority. She shares her years of experience through stories and strategies to get people from stuck and confused to growing and certain. Sometimes I need a highly detailed plan and sometimes I need a kick in the butt to do *anything*. Aldona provided both with grace, humour, and empathy. I’m now engaging my community with regular, relevant content and building the next iteration of my product in response to client feedback and market research. Come to Aldona with goals, purpose, and an open mind. She’ll help you get your message through to your target audience. 

Edward Mitchell, Good Move HQ

This workshop opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I just launched my website and started a personal brand on new social media platforms. As I journey into my dance career I’ve noticed that networking, reaching out and showing up helped me grow as an individual. My biggest takeaway from the sessions would have to be Aldona’s saying of “just get started”. Her reassurance inspired me to continue on this path of self discovery and staying true to what I believe in and finding my purpose.  My favourite part of the workshops was having the opportunity to listen to everyones questions, journeys and thoughts and I was extremely grateful for the mini audit and feedback Aldona did of my website and social media accounts.

Kaili Che / KC Dance Educator & Performer

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